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Welcome to the fascinating home of Placenta Pills in the West Midlands!

We are genuinely delighted that you are looking at our ‘placenta’ website where we hope you will find all the information you are looking for (and more!) – but if you have any other questions just phone us directly during our office hours.

As a small local company we can take a personal interest in each and every woman we provide services for and it is never too much effort for us to take a call.

My experience from beginning to end was fantastic! Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable about the process and benefits of placenta encapsulation and the service she offers is very professional. This was my first baby so I’m not able to compare my recovery with a previous birth, but I did recover very quickly and found that when I felt low in energy or mood taking the capsules helped.

Stratford Upon Avon

Why are women having their placentas made into capsules after birth?

Your placenta is an amazing organ which has nurtured your baby throughout pregnancy. It is full of nutrients and hormones that have benefited you both throughout three trimesters… Did you know it has the potential to support your recovery following birth? Our previous clients that have had their placentas made into capsules seem to enjoy a quicker recovery following their baby’s arrival (when compared to previous births or their friend's experiences). Which means, as a result, they can get motherhood off to the best possible start!

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We are not just a placenta encapsulation company – our knowledge and experience reaches far wider!

‘Placenta Pills West Midlands’ is a sister company to Birthability Ltd – bringing our clients complete support through pregnancy, birth and the early postpartum days.

30 Years Experience
We have been providing a range of services to pregnant couples across the West Midlands for over 30 years between us.
Birthability offers a Free Pregnancy Information Class each month as well as our antenatal classes for first and second time parents.
Doula Service
As doulas we have attended over 450 births across Warwickshire, Birmingham, Coventry and the West Midlands. So it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about birth!
Our clients get to form a relationship with us and couples in their courses and often become part of our ‘family’ from 3 months pregnant through to baby’s first birthday.