Why are so many women having their placentas changed into placenta capsules?

Most of our clients hear about placenta pills from their friends. Word of mouth is incredibly powerful when mums start raving about the benefits they believe were attributable to capsules!

This is what clients have to say about placenta pills

I feel amazing and full of energy. People comment on how well I look and I just feel happy. Much more chilled this time round and in turn our baby daughter is too! I’m breastfeeding and although it’s demanding I’ve had no problems with milk supply and believe the capsules have helped in that way too. I would highly recommend the capsules and I'm so pleased I got them.

Lyndsey Preussner

‘I really felt so much better than after my first birth-lots of energy and no baby blues. I felt more in control and peaceful and just seemed to recover much quicker. Had it again after the birth of my 3rd child 3 months ago with the same effect. Would definitely recommend giving it a go, as my husband said there’s nothing to lose trying it and lots to potentially gain!

Kerry Beechner

Although this is my first baby, I have not experienced bleeding, or tiredness like others have described to me. I believe this is due to the placenta capsules! My milk supply has been AMAZING and allowing me to exclusively breastfeed with my daughter and I have not experienced any ‘baby blues’!

Molly Wellon

I’ve found the benefits of taking the capsules have been amazing. Lots more energy, no post-baby blues and a general feeling of wellbeing. I am sure is down to the placenta capsules

Claire Hundal

Cannot rave enough about the benefits I’ve felt from placenta encapsulation. After a long latent labour they helped my recovery massively. I had energy despite no sleep and day 3 (the dreaded baby blues) came and went without me shedding a single tear!

Tasha Fry

So what does the placenta contain?

Why might it help women to feel fabulous in pregnancy and after birth?

We know that the vast majority of mammals consume their placenta immediately following birth.  It is thought that this is to benefit from the vitamins, hormones, minerals and nutrients that it contains.

Those hormones are:

Oxytocin is also known as the ‘love hormone’ and is believed to help women bond with their baby during pregnancy.

Cortisone helps to reduce swelling and inflammation

Prolactin is a crucial hormone in the production of breast milk and is the main hormone involved in breastfeeding

Iron helps the body to absorb oxygen – which assists in levels of energy

Estrogen, testosterone and Progesterone are all accepted to be hormones that help to balance moods and insomnia during pregnancy

Further Reading:

A comprehensive list of research and articles can be found on the placenta remedies network website 

Research has been sparse in the area of the effects of placenta consumption.  Until recently we have had to rely on anecdotal evidence when reporting it’s benefits.  However in 2016 a scientific report concluded that both hormones and minerals that may help postnatal recovery were present in placenta pills.

In 2017 Doctor Sophia Johnson from the Jena University released her preliminary findings of an in depth study into the practice of placenta encapsulation.  She found ‘Placental tissue is a natural source of hormones, iron and protein’ and we are looking forward to the release of further scientific findings later this year!

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