There are many FAQ’s that potential clients ask about placenta encapsulation – most commonly whether it is safe or not (yes it is!) and how “eugh” is it to consume? (it’s mostly tasteless as your placenta is returned to you in easy to swallow capsules!)

Here is a round up of the common FAQ’s, but we are of course always very happy to answer any others you may have. Simply complete our enquiry form or call us direct for a chat.

Why would I choose Placenta Pills West Midlands above other providers? 

Sallyann and myself have been offering pregnancy, birth and postnatal services across the region for more than 25 years between us so it is fair to say that we know a thing or two about birth!!

We are not just encapsulators – we are birth doulas, yoga teachers, baby massage leaders, baby sleep consultants and Antenatal educators.  Our experience as independant providers is simply second to none!

When you book your encapsulation with us we will be very happy to offer you extended support. This regularly includes 1-2-1 phone calls when clients are nearing their birth date and they suddenly need professional knowledge to understand the choices available to them in regard to their birth plans.  Because we are non medical we can signpost you to a variety of resources and health professionals that will be able help you access to the type of birth/delivery you want.

We also welcome and encourage you to join our drop in coffee groups if you are looking to create a support network of mums – or indeed if you would like to meet us personally!

We don’t JUST prepare placentas – we create empowered mothers!

Is placenta encapsulation safe?

Despite recent “sensationalist” headlines regarding GBS (group B Strep transfer) evidence continues to suggest encapsulation is both safe and effective – even for those diagnosed with GBS.  If you have any questions in regard to this please do pick up the phone and call me so that I can explain it in simple terms.

Will my placenta be processed hygienically? 

Placenta Pills West Midlands is delighted to be the first encapsulator in the region to have been awarded full registration with Environmental Health.

The process to achieve this included full revision of our Food Safety Management System, certifications and registrations.  We were visited by environmental health officers at our premises who undertook ‘swabbing’ for cleanliness and full discussions regarding our practice.

The officers were confident with our processes,  felt our systems were safe and professional, and they had no amendments or recommendations for us to undertake.

We offer a small scale service as part of a wide range of professional antenatal provisions. We are not solely ‘placenta encapsulators’ and therefore we handle only a restricted number of placentas each month.  This means you can be sure that your placenta is not in a “production line” and therefore there is zero risk of your placenta being mixed up, or of cross contamination.

When do I pay for my encapsulation? 

A deposit of £25.00 (non refundable) will secure your place in our diary, with the balance being due at 32 weeks.

What will I have to buy to store my placenta? 

The great answer is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  A month before your due date we will courier a complete chill kit to your home with full instructions on how to prepare and use it on the day.

Will I or my partner have to handle my placenta in any way?

You may be relieved to know that you won’t have to even look at your placenta if you don’t want to!  Your midwives will simply pack your placenta away for you in the containers we provide within 30 minutes to keep it safely chilled.  The midwife will then give the sealed chill pack to your partner who will meet me outside your birth room for collection.

When do you collect the placenta?

We aim to collect your placenta within hours of birth.  However, we provide you with all the necessary equipment to store it safely yourself in case we are already out supporting a birth. In this case you will have full instructions on how to store it in your home until we can collect later that day.

Are there any reasons I couldn’t have my placenta encapsulated?

Due to the rigorous processes we undertake there are very few reasons that I would be unable to create your placenta capsules…

  • If you have a blood borne condition such as HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C
  • It is not safe to have capsules made if you have been a regular smoker during your pregnancy
  • If you are taking medication during pregnancy.  Usually the placenta will not retain sufficient quantities to be of concern but you MUST seek your doctors before labour.
  • We are unable to prepare a placenta if you are diagnosed with a bacterial examination after labour (your midwife will discuss this with you as it is part of a ‘checklist’ you need to complete before collection
  • Should you have Lupus
  • Obstetric Cholestasis – most women with this condition consume their placenta with no repercussions – however on occasion some women have found that their symptoms returned
  • PUPPP – As above for Cholestasis (although a different condition) women with recurring symptoms will stop taking capsules until symptoms clear and find starting to take them again resolves the issue
  • SPD (pelvic girdle pain) – this sometimes debilitating condition is caused by too much production of a hormone called relaxin in the body.   This hormone is found in the placenta, so could cause symptoms to remain after birth.  A majority of women with PGP consume their capsules with no complications – but it should be considered as a possibility when ordering encapsulation.
  • If you are birthing in water you are strongly advised to leave the pool to birth your placenta.

If you are concerned about any of the above please call to talk through your options – it may be that other remedies are still available.

Is it safe to have encapsulation following caesarean section?

Absolutely!  In fact it is strongly recommended as a number of hormones in the placenta are recognised as being supportive for physical recovery and tissue repair.

What if my baby arrives early or is overdue?  

As we take only limited numbers of clients we are able to prepare your placenta regardless of whether you birth early or late.

I am kind of curious about how my placenta will look, but don’t know if I want to see it on the day. Can you help? 

Yes, one of our popular services is a photography package.  Our professionally lit photography allows a mum to ‘explore’ her placenta from a safe distance.  We also offer a short report that identifies any unique landmarks or intricacies it has.

Do capsules taste of anything? 

Most women don’t taste anything as they are simply swallowed whole and often with a glass of orange juice or similar.  Some women say they taste ‘meaty’.

Do placenta pills smell?

Simple capsules have very little smell to them – however steamed capsules have a mild ‘earthy’ smell to them from the herbs that were used in preparation.