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Placenta pills: £180

Both methods (Steamed and Simple) – involve your placenta being prepared, gently dehydrated, ground into a powder form and placed into capsules that are easy for consumption.


We recommend Steamed capsules to mums that are particularly concerned about the hormonal effects on emotions following birth. They may have heard from friends about the so called ‘baby blues’ and hope to avoid this common ‘come-down’ after birth.

‘As someone who suffers with anxiety, the mental health benefits of placenta encapsulation really appealed to me. All I can say is my anxiety affected me a lot less than I had thought it would at a very high pressure, sleep deprived time. – Amy Day

The preparation involves steaming the placenta with lemon, ginger and chilli before being dehydrated and encapsulated. These ingredients are believed to help balance “chi” (inner life force) as well as offering internal “warming”. If the mother develops a fever or chill postnatally she would be advised to stop taking her capsules until it passes (during this time she could instead consume her placenta essence if ordered with her placenta pills).


This method will create a capsule that contains a dry powder. This method avoids the step of steaming your placenta which is simply dried before being encapsulated.

There is more iron content retained in the simple preparation of placenta pills. This is likely to be the reason that mums consuming them report surges of energy – particularly useful if they are already running around after a toddler!!

‘I did recover very quickly and found that when I felt low in energy or mood taking the capsules helped’ Jessica Gibson

Please note:- If there is meconium (babies first poo) present in your amniotic fluid at the point of birth this method cannot be used. In this scenario we will be required to steam your placenta but will do so without the ingredients of TCM.

Our complete range of placenta services:


Tincture is ideal for long term use and has an incredible reputation for helping to balance hormones. This can be kept for future use in Menopause and is therefore of particular interest to mothers who know that this will be their last pregnancy.

This remedy is created by placing a small piece of your placenta into an exceedingly high volume alcohol. The tincture is stored by us and vacillated each day for 6 weeks before being strained and prepared for delivery. It is often around this time that your capsules will be running out so mums are always delighted to be able to receive their tincture at this point.


Placenta essence is often compared to a ‘rescue remedy’ – perfect for both you and baby! It is reported to support the emotional health of the mother and just a few drops diluted in water may offer a much needed “pick me up”.

Many mothers find that a couple of drops of essence helped their baby during teething, colic and separation – a natural alternative to regular medication for these everyday childhood symptoms.

Essence can be used as an alternative to steamed Capsules during fever or ill health.


Placenta Prints – a totally unique piece of artwork! When I deliver prints back to families the most common response is ‘WOW! is that how big it was?’ Placenta prints capture the size and detail of your placenta onto A3 paper – and can be framed and placed on the nursery wall – a perfect reminder of how incredible the mothers body was at nurturing her baby in pregnancy.


A growing number of mums are now asking for our beautiful photography package so that they can see their placenta in detail – without getting too up close and personal! Our photography package will include 3 digital photographs and a short report about it’s weight, size, condition and any unique landmarks or notable points of interest.


Homeopathic remedies are lifelong remedies that can be used by both you and your child during times of illness, teething, transition or stress. This is a constitutional remedy that is totally unique to you both! Our experienced homeopath prepares two separate remedies for one price – a gentle 7C for baby and more powerful 30c for the mother.


Love them or loathe them – umbilical cord keepsakes certainly provide a talking point for families when we return them along with their capsules! It doesn’t get much more unique than this! We can shape your baby’s cord into a heart, spiral, initial or the word ‘love’ (dependant upon length!) that clearly shows the incredible blood vessels that once connected mother to baby.

This service is free of charge for every client ordering encapsulation.


Unfortunately at this time smoothies are no longer available from reputable placenta encapsulators. We are awaiting a decision from the Food Standards Agency in regard to the provision of smoothies and hope to resume this incredible service soon.

If you would like more information about our full range of packages, simply complete our enquiry form and we will contact you to discuss availability and prices.

There may be an additional charge for pick up of your placenta from your home/hospital and to return your capsules back to you, depending on where you live.

Areas covered: Warwickshire, Birmingham, Solihull, Leamington Spa, Coventry, Kenilworth, Henley in Arden, Stratford upon Avon, Southam and surrounding areas, but we can travel further afield to all hospitals including:- Warwick Hospital, Bluebell Birth centre, Lucina Birth Centre, UHCW, Coventry and Walsgrave Hospital, Birmingham Women’s Hospital, Good Hope Hospital, City Hospital (including Serenity Birth Centre) Russells Hall, Worcester Royal and Birmingham Heartlands hospitals.

Extra Mileage is charged at 45p per mile outside of a 10 mile radius from Henley in Arden.

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